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BR&E ProMax 2.0.7047.0 X64

BR&E ProMax 2.0.7047.0 X64
ProMax is a powerful and versatile process simulation resource. Its level of flexibility is difficult to describe in one simple document. To enable better understanding of ProMax, particular abilities of ProMax are detailed within what we call a Process Focus..

(一)Amine Sweetening

For over two decades, TSWEET was known as the industry standard for simulating amine sweetening facilities. In an effort to better serve our clients, BR&E has now incorporated TSWEET into ProMax. This union has significantly enhanced the capabilities of our software, especially in the area of amine sweetening. Benefits include more complete thermodynamic models, calculation of more thermo-physical properties and better integration with hydrocarbon packages and unit operations. These benefits allow you to model many more processes such as complex absorber / stripper configurations, three-phase flashes and oils in amine units. The following amines are available either individually or as blends: MEA, DEA, DGA, MDEA, DIPA, TEA, and AMP. ProMax also introduces BR&E’s new Electrolytic-ELR model. This new model is a significant improvement to the NRTL acid gas model in TSWEET. The sweetening package also continues TSWEET’s unprecedented ability to model selective absorption using CO2 kinetics.

(二)Glycol Dehydration

BR&E is the leader in predicting the performance of both glycol dehydration and hydrate suppression systems. Benefits include rigorous predictions for water content, hydrate formation temperature, water dew point and CO2 freeze out. The best in industry BTEX solubility predictions from PROSIM have been carried forward into ProMax.

Crude Oil Refining

Characterize single or multi-component oils and blends for use in common refining applications.

Atmospheric and Vacuum Towers
Complete Oil Characterization and Blending
Three Phase Columns
Side Strippers and Pumparounds
Analyze operational problems
Choose from Assay Types

(四)NGL Fractionation / LPG Recovery

Model separation processes such as cryogenic, refrigeration, J-T, lean oil and other common gas processing applications. You can also model:

NGL and LPG fractionation trains
Refrigeration systems
Plant utility systems, such as steam, cooling water and hot oil
Nitrogen rejection units
Helium recovery units

Caustic Treating

With the improved electrolytic property packages available in ProMax, caustic treating may be modeled to predict the absorption of acid gas compounds and sulfur species such as H2S, CO2, and mercaptans from liquid or vapor streams.

Sulfur Recovery/ Tailgas Cleanup

ProMax 2.0 will contain a complete reactor suite that allows simulation of various sulfur recovery and tail gas cleanup plants.

Claus sulfur recovery
Selectox/Recycle Selectox
There are a number of Claus sulfur recovery unit configurations available. For example, acid gas bypass, hot gas bypass, enhanced oxygen, catalytic burners and more.

Sour Water Stripper

A much improved sour water stripper model is now available in ProMax. The electrolytic property packages now contain more component interaction data than previously available in TSWEET. Virtually any flow configuration is possible in ProMax.

Pipelines / Gathering System Networks

Specify ambient conditions and overall heat transfer coefficient
Calculate pressue drop for horizontal, vertical and inclined flow
Obtain results for one, two and three phase flow
Select from a wide range of correlations
Perform backward calculations
Reactor Applications

There are numerous refinery and chemical reactor processes which can be modeled with ProMax reactors. The degree of model detail depends on the complexity of the reactions, the availability of any required kinetic or equilibrium information, and the availability of required input information.
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