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>OneCNC 4 or 5 axis modules add 4 or 5-axis Positional and Simultaneous machining capability to OneCNC milling cycles. Programmers can use multiple fixture offset with global work coordinates to machine any part face, using any OneCNC machining cycle. OneCNC 4 or 5-axis indexing supports any combination of rotary tables to orient the part, then machines with 2 1/2 and 3-axis operations using one or more OneCNC functions.

OneCNC wrap milling is performed directly from the flat 2D features or the model surface laid flat. OneCNC readily programs rotary profiling, pocketing and drilling utilizing a simultaneous 4th axis. OneCNC converts one of the flat movements (X, Y, or Z) into a rotary C-axis movement, wrapping the profile around a rotary axis.

Multi-axis machining can dramatically increase a shop’s competitiveness. OneCNC multi-axis added modules offer a wide range of multi-axis machining strategies both basic and advanced all with wizard driven control for simplicity of use. Even Swarf machining is so automated that surfaces can be selected without the need of control rails or constructed geometry. With programming and full simulation from either stock or a stock model the power of 5axis is revealed to the user. With OneCNC, you have complete visual control for checking and viewing of tool paths in a clear and precise way.
OneCNC accurate and reliable dynamic solid verification eliminates the need for expensive dry runs on the NC machine. Gain complete confidence in your machining process as you compare accurately machined compared to the original parts. High-performance, real-time simulation ensures that even the most complex of parts will be machined correctly. OneCNC can give you verification ability of the part program simulated within a complete machine tool, fixtures, clamps, stock, and part. Minimize downtime, maximize manufacturing efficiency, and cut machining costs while gaining complete confidence in your machining processes with OneCNC
3D HS Machining has an industry proven six years and more of reliable machining in all types of industries and many CNC machine types. The HS Machining is the core of time saving of up to 70% or even more of OneCNC HS Roughing Technology

This Technology is applicable to all machines old or new because it has an advantage of utilizing the maximum shank length available of the tool therefore the number of depth cuts are greatly reduced.

It offers unique machining and linking strategies for generating 3D high speed toolpaths. It smooths the tool paths of both cutting moves and retracts and high feed moves, wherever possible, to maintain a continuous machine tool motion which is an essential requirement for maintaining higher feed rates and assisting to eliminate dwell of the machine.

There are many advantages in saving tooling costs due to using the full cutting ability of the tool flank rather than just the bottom of the tool.

No fancy names, no added costs just good solid machining technology
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