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LimitState RING.v3.1.b.17345

LimitState:RING 3.0 is the latest version of the popular software product
for masonry arch bridge analysis – designed from the ground up with the
needs of professional engineers in mind:

Modern, intuitive user interface
Multi-ring, multi-span masonry arch analysis (no need to balance
Use a wide range of built-in and user-defined arch profiles
Include local defects such as mortar loss and weak masonry

Undertake support settlement analyses
View moment, shear and normal force diagrams
Allocate separate properties to nearsurface and deep fill
Model reinforcement

LimitState:RING uses rigorous mathematical optimization to directly
identify a wide range of potential modes of response, including those

Hinging and/or masonry failure
Radial sliding
Ring separation

Single or multi-spans
Support movement
Product:LimitState RING.v3.1.b.17345