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Bentley WaterGEMS V8i

Bentley WaterGEMS V8i
Water Distribution Modeling and Management

Easy and Customizable

WaterGEMS is a comprehensive and easy to use water distribution modeling application. WaterGEMS can run from within ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and MicroStation, or as a stand-alone application, fulfilling the interoperability dream.

From fire flow and water quality simulations, to criticality and energy cost analysis, WaterGEMS comes equipped with everything you need in a flexible multi-platform environment.
Included Modules
WaterGEMS includes state-of-the-art genetic algorithm optimization and model building modules:

Model calibration – Darwin Calibrator evaluates millions of possible solutions to let users quickly find a calibration hypothesis that best matches measured flows, pressures, and on/off status. Darwin Calibrator also enables engineers to leverage flow and pressure data to find locations for detailed sonic leak detection.

Optimized design – Darwin Designer evaluates thousands of alternatives that meet users\’ hydraulic requirements, recommending those that minimize capital investment.

Pump scheduling – Darwin Scheduler enables the optimization of pump operations to meet hydraulic constraints for pressure, velocity, number of pump starts, and tank levels.

Pipe assessment – Pipe Renewal Planner helps modelers optimize the replacement and rehabilitation of water mains by ranking the worst-performing pipes.

SCADA integration – SCADAConnect lets users automatically acquire supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) data in their WaterGEMS model.

Network simplification – Skelebrator automates network simplification while maintaining connectivity and hydraulic equivalence, reallocating assigned demands to your specification.
Product:Bentley WaterGEMS V8i
Size:368 MB