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Multi-Core/Multi-Machine Enabled Full-Chip Circuit-Level Simulation
FineSim™ is a high-performance circuit simulator with built-in full SPICE and FastSPICE simulation engines. FineSim\’s unique multi-core/multi-machine simulation capability allows users to drastically improve simulation performance and capacity. FineSim is well-suited for simulation of large, complex analog circuits, as well as DRAM/SRAM/Flash memory design.

Typically, analog and digital blocks are verified independently with different simulation technology that varies in accuracy. When analog and digital blocks are combined in one simulation, due to capacity limitations of traditional simulators, verifying them together usually requires some additional modeling techniques that only approximate circuit behavior. In some cases, this can introduce false design errors causing engineers to spend a significant amount of time searching for the root cause.

As mixed-signal designs increase in size and complexity, the ability to correctly verify functional performance becomes extremely challenging. However, introducing fully-extracted post-layout parasitics to the functional verification process becomes virtually impossible.

ineSim is the first single executable product that allows designers to functionally verify mixed-signal SoCs seamlessly without the overhead of traditional solutions. In addition to enabling the designer to work with detailed parasitic information, the designer has complete control of accuracy vs. performance tradeoffs.