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Bentley Rail Track V8i

Bentley Rail Track V8i
Flexible, Versatile, and Configurable Tools Drive Up Productivity
Sharing the same track geometry model as Power Rail Overhead Line – Bentley’s application for traction power supply design – and bringing into play all aspects of the alignment, Bentley Rail Track allows users to optimize horizontal and vertical track geometry to reduce project costs. Comprehensive functionality for turnout and switch placement with built-in design checks promotes adherence to rail project standards.

Increase global rail project productivity with Bentley Rail Track
Bentley Rail Track can be configured to support a wide range of international standards, providing engineers and designers with the flexibility and control necessary to deal with real-life rail design scenarios on global rail infrastructure projects. The software adapts readily to virtually any rail design and maintenance workflow and is suitable for light rail, metros (transit), heavy rail, high-speed rail, and MAG-LEV projects.

Addressing horizontal and vertical track geometry – as well as yard, depot, station layouts, earthworks, and ballast – users can generate realistic 3D models for analysis and project visualization; create reports for cost estimates and setting-out; and produce fully annotated project drawings and deliverables for client approval and construction.

With Bentley Rail Track’s extensive toolset, users can create horizontal and vertical geometry complete with all rail hardware; perform horizontal and vertical regression analysis, cant, and superelevation design; and analyze geometry as concurrent, integrated activities. An intuitive graphical user interface provides easy access to an impressive set of interactive geometry tools for on-screen placement, modification, and extension of alignments.

The software delivers Civil AccuDraw, a civil-specific version of MicroStation® AccuDraw®, a precision drafting tool that anticipates the user’s intent, reducing the number of mouse clicks and other actions required to achieve drafting tasks. Civil AccuDraw streamlines the drafting process by supporting civil-specific drafting conventions, with options for stations and offsets, bearings and distances, azimuths, and more.

Bentley Rail Track offers unparalleled capabilities to create, maintain, and analyze geospatial information as part of the rail infrastructure asset lifecycle. The software facilitates integration of geospatial data within engineering workflows, allowing users to enforce industry and topological standards as well as define and observe the behavior of geographic objects. Bentley Rail Track provides engineering accuracy, CAD flexibility, and easy-to-use GIS tools in one, fully compatible environment.

In Bentley Rail Track, turnouts – including fundamental types based upon international standards – are stored in a user-definable library and placed dynamically. Toolbars can be customized, grouping commonly used tools for repetitive tasks or specific workflows, to more rapidly evaluate rail design alternatives.
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