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Bentley MicroStation V8i v08.11.09.714

3D CAD Design and Modeling Software for Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations

MicroStation is the world’s leading 2D and 3D CAD and information modeling software explicitly for the architecture, engineering, construction, and operation of utility systems, roads and rail, bridges, buildings, communications networks, water and wastewater networks, process plants, mining, and more.
MicroStation provides the power and flexibility to model, document, draft, and map projects of virtually any type and size. It also supports an unmatched portfolio of interoperable professional-grade, discipline-specific applications from Bentley and other software vendors.
Quickly Explore Options and Predict Real-World Performance to Discover the Best Design Choices
Increasingly, project teams need to accurately predict the real-world performance of designs quickly and with precision to maximize the achievement of the design objectives – a building that uses less energy, a road that is safer for traffic, a plant that produces more output and less pollution, or a water system that ensures a reliable supply.

Performance Simulation

Engineering Data and Analytics
MicroStation’s engineering data and analytics environment underpins conceptual to fully detailed engineering analysis of infrastructure assets, systems, components, behaviors, and responses to conditions. It provides this through subsystems that handle interrelated geometry, data, relationships, constraints, behaviors, spatial location and geo-coordination, raster imagery, point clouds, design history management, and thematic displays.

Generative Components
Rapidly explore many design alternatives
Capture relationships between intent and geometry
Define complex forms and systems through concisely expressed algorithms
Graphical Design Simulation
Detect and resolve clashes
Simulate schedules dynamically
Lifelike Rendering
Near real-time Luxology rendering (View Bentley User Gallery)
Physically correct materials/lighting libraries
Rich online photorealistic content (RPC)
Distributed/networked rendering
Multi-core support for 32-bit
Vivid Animation
Keyframe and time-based animation
Luxology-powered speed and realism
Live on-screen preview
Timeline and velocity graph
Distributed/networked processing
New in the V8i (SELECTseries 3) Release
Customize real-time display by object attribute
Analyze solar exposure/shading
Access embedded data with ODBC driver
Take advantage of GenerativeComponents Visual Programming
Add 2D pavement markings to 3D models
Rapidly and dynamically balance lighting and other visual effects with Effects Manager
Product:Bentley MicroStation V8i v08.11.09.714
Size:1.12 GB