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New document system Report Book includes interactive screen copies of design model and conceptually new tables with output data from FEA and analysis of RC structures. When you save the screen copy, the state of design model is saved together with the image presented on the screen. It is possible to return the model to this saved view or fragment (with its state) at any time. New tables of *.csv format provide comprehensive evaluation of output data in tabular form. The contents of the screen copies as well as tables may be automatically updated following the changes in design model. Report Book enables you to organize your elements into hierarchical tree-structured database, add arbitrary text and graphic objects. It is possible to arrange elements of Report Book as single file of DOCX format and then print them.
Punching shear contours may be defined directly on finite element model

New technology is applied to preparing FE model for punching shear analysis of flat slab floors. With earlier versions of the program it was necessary to generate the model in SAPFIR-Structures module and only then carry out punching shear analysis. Now it does not matter. New tools enable you to add to the model the necessary information for punching shear analysis, trace all modifications made in the model, edit contours and evaluate output data.
New dialog box to define 3D frames with generation of foundation slab

Parametric generation of 3D frames has beed developed further. The user could define various FE divisions of columns, beams and floor slabs at different elevation marks. The user could also generate foundation slab, match its division with mesh of columns and assign necessary restraints.
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