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Complete Project Simulation in Five Modes:

Mass Balancing based on Design Criteria
Detailed Equipment Sizing and Equipment Lists
Steady State Simulation: Mass & Energy Balancing
Parameterization to Simulate Existing Plants
Dynamic Simulation for Time-Varying Parameters

Process Control Features:

Feedback and PID Controllers
Logic/Expert System Controllers
Equations may be Entered by User

Flowsheeting Features:

Easy to Add New Unit Operations
Unlimited Number of Unit Operations & Streams
Flowsheet and Dynamic Graphics
May Calculate Portions of Flowsheets
Robust Flowsheet Convergence


Mine Capital & Operating Costs
Plant Operating Costs

Full Graphical Interface:

Truly Interactive Program and Menus
Easy to Learn, Get Immediate Results

Compatibility Features:

Spreadsheet Interface to Excel
DDE interface to Excel, InTouch
DXF interface to AutoCAD

Chemistry Features:

Extensive Thermodynamic Database
Chemical Kinetics and Phase Equilibrium
Eight Solid, Liquid, Molten, Gas Phases

Unit Operations:
Breakers, Crushers, Impactors
Hydrocyclones, Screens, Classifiers
Ponds, Pumps, Sumps, Tanks
Equilibrium Stage Reactors
Evaporators, Crystallizers
Carbon and Ion Exchange Columns
Heap, Vat and Agitation Leaching
Converters, Furnaces, Roasters
Heat Exchangers, Flash Separators
Scrubbers, Baghouses, ESP\’s
Dense Media Cyclones and Screens
Air Cyclones, Magnetic Separators