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CimatronE V12

Designed to meet the unique challenges faced by mold makers today, CimatronE offers you a single integrated solution, equipped with dedicated tool design features, a comprehensive electrode solution, and one of the most advanced NC programming systems available. With 30 years of experience in tool making, CimatronE is about making the best use of the expertise and resources of your tool shop to achieve quality results within the shortest possible time.

While CimatronE is at its most powerful when used as a fully integrated system, we also provide standalone solutions for faster quoting, tool design, electrode creation and NC programming.
imatronE helps mold makers maintain high standards of quality, while drastically shortening delivery times and cutting costs.

CimatronE’s Mold Design solution enables users to design quality molds of any size or complexity with confidence. The solution provides you with a winning combination of a CAD system built with the mold maker in mind, a high level of flexible automation, and a host of features and analysis tools. Whether designing on your own, or as part of a team, CimatronE allows you to work concurrently on different stages of the project and handle last minute changes in straightforward, effective ways.

Use CimatronE to streamline every step of the mold design process, from the moment you receive the part to the finished product.
| Main capabilities
Data Translation Data Translation
CimatronE reliably imports and exports all standard CAD files and can also read and write native files of common CAD systems.
Modeling for Tooling

Modeling and Assembly for Tooling
All aspects of CimatronE’s CAD system were developed with the mold maker in mind. From total freedom to interchange between solid, surface and wireframe operations, to an assembly environment built for tooling, CimatronE’s system is attuned to the needs of mold makers.
Parting Application Parting Application
CimatronE provides purpose-built, automated features, analysis tools and dedicated surfacing functions that help you to quickly establish the parting line, and create the surfaces of the core, cavity, lifters and sliders that will shape the plastic.
Mold Base Mold Base
CimatronE enables you to load an entire mold base plate set in just minutes utilizing standard and user-defined catalog parts
In CimatronE, catalog parts are easy to incorporate into mold design. Choose from the large selection of built-in catalogs or create your own.
Ejection systems Ejection systems design
CimatronE provides you with an applicative tool that allows you to set up ejectors quickly and easily.
Cooling systems Cooling system design
CimatronE provides you with specialized tools that simplify the creation of complex cooling systems.
Runner Design Runner design
CimatronE provides you with specialized tools for the creation of runners.
CimatronE BOM BOM + TOH
Produce a bill of materials with all information required for ordering materials. Additionally, present all the holes in a plate and their properties to simplify the drilling process when manufacturing.
Product:CimatronE V12