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Cmost Studio 2014

CMOST – Enhance & Accelerate Sensitivity Analysis, History Matching, Optimization & Uncertainty Analysis

CMOST is a state-of-the-art reservoir engineering tool, employing innovative experimental design, and sampling and optimization techniques to efficiently determine reservoir parameters defining production and recovery of oil and gas fields. Integrate CMOST into any reservoir simulation project to increase productivity and to make well-informed engineering decisions, faster and with higher resolution. Used in conjunction with CMG simulators – IMEX, GEM and STARS – engineers will enhance and accelerate engineering projects.

Increase confidence in forecasts

Increase asset and team effectiveness through optimization
Assess the sensitivity of objectives to different parameter values
Calibrate and history match models with field and lab data, including temperature logs and 4D seismic
Optimize well and fracture spacing to increase production, NPV and EUR
Optimize chemical EOR operational parameters to increase recovery and reduce chemical costs
Quantify uncertainty to manage risk and identify opportunities
Optimize operational and completion strategies to reduce steam-oil ratio and increase NPV and ultimate recovery

With CMOST, engineers can effortlessly optimize the placement of wells, frac spacing, infill drilling plans, injection rates, and pressure maintenance, using virtually any reservoir model parameter, to improve economics, reduce risk and quantify uncertainty.
Product:Cmost Studio 2014