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Bentley GeoStructural Analysis(GSA) v19.00.39.00

Complete Geostructural Analysis and Design Solution

The challenge: Infrastructure projects are more challenging than ever in the past. You are resigned to construct projects with accelerated schedules and lower overall construction costs.

The solution: Geotechnical analysis software allows you to evaluate alternate design scenarios within a single, interoperable product suite, ensuring that the subsurface data is used efficiently for an integrated project delivery.

Bentley provides the following geotechnical design & analysis offerings. Which product is right for you?

GeoStructural Analysis
Bentley\’s GeoStructural Analysis suite includes Excavation Analysis, Foundation Analysis, and Retaining Wall Analysis listed below, plus the following:

Rock Stability
Ground Loss
Task Manager
GeoStructural Excavation Analysis
Slope Stability
Sheeting Design
Sheeting Check
Earth Pressures
GeoStructural Foundation Analysis
CPT Piles
Spread Footing
Pile Group
GeoStructural Retaining Wall
Cantilever Wall
Earth Pressures
Gabion Wall
Slope Stability
Spread Footing
Gravity Wall
Masonry Wall
Nailed Slopes
Prefab Wall
MSE Walls
In addition, Bentley offers advanced Finite Element Analysis* capabilities including:

FEM Basic
FEM Tunnel
FEM Water Flow
Product:Bentley GeoStructural Analysis(GSA) v19.00.39.00