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Think3 ThinkDesign 2014

ThinkDesign Suite is the think3 solution for 2D and 3D aided design: an advanced parametric CAD dedicated to solid, surface and hybrid modeling. Conceived to assist designers in their activity, ThinkDesign Suite software is very versatile; built on a modern and powerful kernel, it offers many advanced drafting and modeling tools based on proprietary technology. ThinkDesign Suite is a valuable, professional and, above all, comprehensive product and these features are confirmed by the numerous collaborations undertaken with prestigious international companies in the field of the industrial production.
Technology that makes the difference

The available modeling techniques allow the creation of solids and surfaces, through the use of traditional approaches based on parameterization but also thanks to advanced tools such as the \”Global Shape Modeling\”, also called GSM, that provides designers with all the functionalities necessary to achieve their goals, allowing global, accurate and quick changes at any stage of the design process. Other powerful tools are the Interactive Solid Modeling (ISM), which allows the direct editing, overcoming the logic of parameterization, and the Subdivision Surfaces, innovative approach for handling shapes with great creative freedom.

From conceptual design, through development, up to the final product, ThinkDesign Suite covers all the process stages and provides wide creative freedom and dynamic control of the model in real-time.
The family of ThinkDesign products

The solution is available in five different versions; each of them differs from the other for its functionalities that are specific for the different application areas:

ThinkDesign Drafting

The 2D solution that includes all the necessary tools for creating and editing, with a dynamic interface and method of use, able to give a new impetus to the traditional approach of two-dimensional design.
ThinkDesign Styling

A complete tool for the world of design, it allows users to focus their work exclusively on the product shape, transforming the project into a model which takes into account the technical and engineering goals.
ThinkDesign Engineering

The solution that enables companies to proceed with speed, efficiency and flexibility in the process of product engineering, combining the traditional 2D design commands with many innovative features of 3D design.
ThinkDesign Tooling

Designed for toolmakers and technicians specialized in dies and molds, it provides tools for editing and rectifying data to easily convert the customers’ models saved in neutral formats (IGES, STEP, etc. …), and proceeding with the design of molds and equipment. It includes the most common libraries of 3D components and commercial catalogs.
ThinkDesign Professional

The full product version, dedicated to requiring a single powerful comprehensive solution, covering all the design cycle.

In fact ThinkDesign is the definitive answer to all users who look for a practical solution capable of adding quality, efficiency and productivity to their work.
ThinkDesign Drafting

Drafting is still very important for a variety of reasons: a large 2D archive to work on, dialogue with outside studios and customers using only 2D, product type not appropriate for 3D. Or, even though the advantages of 3D drafting are acknowledged, the time is not yet ripe in that specific situation or its extended use is still premature.

ThinkDesign Drafting allows to:

maintain the traditional 2D design approach, re-use your legacy data archive with a modern, user-friendly and Windows standard tool;
have a full range of tools for creating final drawings compliant with the main standards for the technical drawing;
offer to detail designers and all designers in general the ability to produce the technical documentation with views and sections starting from a 3D model.

think3 offers many excellent design solutions, and drafting is a perfect example: excellence achieved thanks to many years of work and experience.

ThinkDesign Drafting offers a complete range of tools that makes it totally independent and productive. In ThinkDesign Drafting, companies find the exact 2D drawing tool they need, so that draughtsmen and designers can do their daily work quickly and well.
ThinkDesign Drafting: the strength of experience.

In ThinkDesign Drafting, all drafting and editing tools have a dynamic interface and method of use that give a new stimulus to traditional 2D drafting. The command list is long and worth describing by type. It includes all basic 2D geometric entities, plus polygons and curves, complex chain offsets, groups and shared groups controlled hierarchically and organized in libraries, details in scale, holes tables, a drawing cleanup utility to eliminate superimposed or fragmented entities, and interactive geometric transformations with preview. There is an excellent set of commands for creating and editing complex curves. A standard part environment is also available. In addition to creation and editing tools, there are extremely useful graphics functions, such as pan and zoom, bookmarks and state-of-the-art layer management. ThinkDesign Drafting fully exploits the Windows environment work modes so that multiple 2D drawings can be worked on simultaneously, for rapid re-use of parts or drawings with Drag&Drop or Copy&Paste.
ThinkDesign Drafting White Paper

Datasheet TD Drafting
ThinkDesign Styling

Design is now a major factor in the commercial success of most products. Today, designers and manufacturers have to face these challenges:

They have to strike a balance between innovation, functionality and appearance.
They must reduce time-to-market without sacrificing the feel, look and quality of a design project.
They need to improve the overall efficiency of the design process.

think3 lets you concentrate on the creative process. think3 gives designers the best tools for creating innovative ideas, for studying, revising, sharing and reusing information with greater ease.

From the idea to the production line,ThinkDesign Styling gives the designer creative freedom and dynamic control in real time.

ThinkDesign Styling lets you concentrate on the creative part of the design process and forget about the software. think3 technology interprets and does the maths for you automatically to create and shape your ideas. Global Shape Modeling has undergone continuous development ever since its introduction in 2001. Now known as GSM, it offers to designers the advantages to use surface modeling and solid modeling to shape and give form to their ideas. Designers can now make rapid modifications while maintaining their original design concept.
ThinkDesign Styling: the perfect tool for high quality design.

ThinkDesign Styling offers an innovative approach to design. With its Target Driven Design, it frees users from the technological constraints of traditional design systems. With ThinkDesign Styling, designers first set targets: points, curves or even the exact highlight they want to get on an object, then focus on the product shape, anyway they want, and transform the project into a model that includes all technical and engineering aspects while preserving the original design intent. It is possible to create a preview of every shape deriving from a modification made with GSM (Global Shape Modeling) and select the required one only. It enables higher creativity levels while increasing and enhancing design processes. In addition to traditional creation and modification functionalities, ThinkDesign Styling’s rich capabilities include powerful tools such as GSM, Capping, Blending Curves and Blending Shapes, Associative Global Sweep, as well as Dynamic Morphing, Automotive Grid and Rendering.
Product:Think3 ThinkDesign 2014