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is an advanced general beam se
ction calculator.
calculates, the cross

sectional torsion and flexural
structural properties, including
torsion (J)
and warping (Cw)
constants, normal, warping and shear stresses.
is a
useful tool for structural engineers, desi
gn or analysis of steel,
aluminum, and polymeric or composite materials sections,
calculates the stresses distribution inclu
ding normal
stresses, warping and shear stresses, also the equivalent Von

stresses, principals stresses and residual stresses are given.

Warping and Torsion Properties
Shape Designer makes no assumptions or restrictions on the
calculation of shear an
d torsion properties
. Shape designer use an
advanced and efficiently finite element approach to calculate these
constants, for more complicate properties see user’s manual. For
more information, see our web site.

Viewing Proper
When you draw a shape and specify its material properties, as each
change is made the sectional properties are automatically

Mass moment of inertia and Axi

Symmetric bodies
With shape designer you can also perform calculation of mass
ment of inertia for non

homogenous, extruded solid and axi

symmetric bodies. Geometric properties computed by shape
designer are: Area, volume, center of gravity and mass moment of
inertia about x

axis and y

axis (polar mass).

Shape Optimization
ion, give you many possibilities, the principal one is, that
you can get one shape or more, by giving some constraints.
Constraints can be applied to all the parameters and properties of
the shape, to applied constrain to a parameter (ex.
), you
input the upper and lower values

Axial Stress Distribution (Bending moment effects)
You can get the stress distribution, you just move a mouse over the
section and select the position of the axis that you want see the
stress distribution. The axis moves a
lso dynamically. This is
applicable for the original and transformed composite sections
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