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Bentley gINT V8i SS2 v08.30.04.242

version, gINT 8.2. It improves interoperability and usability for all gINT products. gINT V8i includes over 105 new features and addresses numerous user requests.
gINT V8i enhancements include:

MicroStation and ProjectWise Integration

gINT V8i includes integration with MicroStation and ProjectWise as well as Bentley civil engineering design applications. With gINT V8i, you can now:

Export logs, fences, and other reports into MicroStation DGN format
Store all gINT data (project files, libraries, scripts, etc.) in ProjectWise for simplified project collaboration

New Geo-Coordinate Tools

Bentley’s core geo-coordination tools allow gINT V8i to combine data from disparate coordinate systems and to better integrate with Bentley Mapping and Civil applications. For example, you can now enter Northing and Easting coordinates and generate the corresponding WGS84 latitude and longitude. Likewise, you can also enter the WGS84 latitude and longitude to get the Northing and Easting coordinates.

Enhanced Fence Reports with Graphic \”Drapes\”

Fence drapes enable graphics that depict features in elevation along a line (straight, zigzagged, or curved) to be placed on a 2D fence report. gINT performs the appropriate projection calculations for accurate display. Fence drapes can be used to display:

Interpreted layered geometry
Seismic tests results (for example, shear wave velocities)
Existing features along an alignment (rivers, bridges, buildings, roads, etc.)

Deviated Borehole Support

gINT now supports boreholes where the bearing and plunge change with depth.

gINT for ArcGIS Add-In

The gINT for ArcGIS Add-in is now included with gINT Professional and gINT Professional Plus. This add-in enables you to:

Import your gINT projects into ArcGIS
Select gINT project data from within ArcGIS
View and query gINT project data details from within ArcGIS
Preview, print, and export gINT logs and fences from within ArcGIS

Other new features

Enhanced Compression Wavelet file support for improving performance when combining geotechnical data with raster images
Enhanced data export filters and tools, including data filters, zone filters, and the ability to select points from site layout
Support for the comma used as a decimal separator for both data entry and reporting
Product:Bentley gINT V8i SS2 v08.30.04.242