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Geometric Glovius Professional v4.0.0.3

Improved CAD Importer Add-ons

Popular CAD formats like CATIA® V5, Pro/ENGINEER®, NX™ and SolidWorks® can now be imported with full support for product manufacturing information (PMI), attributes, metadata and model views (also known as captures in CATIA V5).

Significant Performance Improvements

Files open twice as fast, and use less memory and disk space. Measurement and sectioning are also faster.

“With the latest release of Glovius, we continue to make 3D data accessible and affordable to all users in the enterprise. CAD importer quality and performance improvements will benefit users, who want to quickly access engineering data”, says Mr. Sameer Kondejkar, Senior Director and Business Unit Head, Geometry Technology Solutions at Geometric.

Glovius for Windows is a free JT viewer with an add-on and extensible architecture. File importer add-ons are available for CATIA V5, Pro/ENGINEER, NX, SolidWorks, Inventor® and STEP/IGES/STL formats. Feature-based add-ons are available for taking linear, angular and radial measurements; taking sections with multiple section planes; searching and filtering PMI information; adding notes and markups; viewing model views; and searching attributes and metadata.

All add-ons include a free 7-day trial period. Add-ons can be downloaded from The add-ons can be used with permanent licenses or with monthly subscription plans. For plans & pricing information, please visit the online store at

Glovius mobile apps are available for iOS and Android™ smartphones and tablets. Users can export models from the Glovius desktop viewer and transfer them to the mobile apps using iTunes or a USB cable. Alternatively, users can upload models on, a cloud based translation and visualization engine, to sync models with mobile apps. Glovius mobile apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The mobile and desktop apps can be configured and customized to support enterprises processes and workflows.
Product:Geometric Glovius Professional v4.0.0.3
Size:212 MB