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* Added new virtual robot updates and new robot models
including the M-3iA light wrist robot, P-250iB,
and P-50iB.

* Mouse operation to collapse cell browser nodes: a new
right mouse click option is added to the cell browser.
If you right mouse click on a node in the cell browser,
the selected element and child tree elements can be

* Added LVC simulation function.

* Cable simulation: cables attached to links of the robot
can be simulated. You may build cables and visualize
cable motion with this powerful capability. See ROBOGUIDE
Help – Using the robot cable property page.

* CAD to Path:

– Segment Point Motion Option and Segment Last
Point Termtype can be defined on the CAD to
Path feature Prog settings tab.

– Projection extensions off of the part:
projections can now generate programs off
of the part to follow contours.

– Projection box locking: a projection can be
locked so that inadvertent resizing does not

– Support a single direction process for Z
pattern projection. It may be desirable to
have the robot pass across a surface, move
away, return back to the other side of the
pattern and then process again.

– See ROBOGUIDE Help – Using the projection
property page tab.

* PickPRO:

– Indexing conveyors are supported. See ROBOGUIDE
Help – Working with indexing conveyors.

* PalletPRO:

– Support for up to 16 Infeeds/Pallets.

– Extended Axis support for Rail Tracking Units.
Review the V770_RTU_Palletizing_Sample_Workcell
for additional information.

– Palletizing pattern visualization on 3D pallet.

– Support for EOAT and Part payload settings
and usage.

– Support for Gripper delay setting by Unit Load.

– Support for cycle start with disabled pallets (test mode).

* MotionPRO:

– Power Optimization function with path consideration.

* Vision PC Option

_ Vision board support for virtual robot v7.70P/17
or later.

– Support ability to select multiplexer connected
to camera port.