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MasterCAM X7 MU2 v16.2.0.40

The Backplot and Verify utilities that you use to check all your Mastercam tool motion have now been combined to offer a more efficient workflow, better analysis tools, and more comprehensive toolpath support in Mastercam Simulator.

You still access Backplot and Verify from buttons at the top of the Operations Manager, but these utilities now display their results in a separate window from Mastercam. This allows you to keep making adjustments to your toolpaths even as your tool motion display continues.

Note: The Backplot button in the Operations Manager still opens the classic Backplot application from previous Mastercam versions. To open the new Backplot function in Mastercam Simulator by default, choose Mastercam X7, Backplot, Disable in the Mastercam Advanced Configuration Utility.
This new Mastercam Simulator window, similar to the window in Machine Simulation, also includes many more analysis tools, such as an improved move list and more color coding options. It also supports more toolpath types, including Transform and Rotary axis.

In addition, both Backplot and Verify in Mastercam Simulator are now using the same NCI data to verify your tool motion. This creates more consistent results between the two verification options.

The run-time settings that used to be displayed as a dialog box on the side of the screen have been replaced with a dialog box you can access from the Operations Manager toolbar. You can adjust these settings and reload your part file by clicking Backplot or Verify again.
Product:MasterCAM X7 MU2 v16.2.0.40
Size:1.46 GB