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Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2013

Scia Engineer is an integra​ted, multi-material structural analysis and design software for all kinds of projects

It can be used for design of steel, concrete, timber, aluminium, and steel-concrete composite structures with worldwide application thanks to the integration of numerous international building codes.

In addition to advanced finite element calculations and code-compliant design, it features integrated tools for modelling, exchange of data with third party applications (BIM), easy reporting and preparation of drawings, namely automated general arrangement drawings.

What makes Scia Engineer very different from existing CAE programs is the integration of modelling, analysis, design and automated GA drawings in one Open BIM platform.

All-in-one CAE platform – Modelling, analysis, design and documentation functionality integrated in one environment
Global software – available for many languages and a wide range of American and European building codes
Advanced 3D Modelling – CAD-like modelling with advanced features such as Parametric Modelling, conversion of solids to members, flexible layers and activities to quickly model any kind of structure and to speed up last-minute changes at any time
BIM Toolbox – Both the structural model and the analysis are maintained in parallel to provide true interoperability with CAD software, clash detection and model revision management
High-performance FEA solver – Reliable mesh generation for the most intricate geometry and a blazing fast finite element solver supporting multi-core and 64bit
Reliable Code Design – As building codes become always more complex, our R&D team delivers the latest codes for the design of reinforced concrete, steel, timber and aluminum with the high degree of reliability that you expect
Active Document – Comprehensive, detailed and always up-to-date calculation reports increase your confidence and improve the internal and external communication of your company
Parametric Optimization – all properties of structural objects can be optimized to find an optimum structure for weight, shape or price thanks to advanced mathematical algorithms
Interoperability – open software system supporting import and export to a wide range of standard file formats like IFC, DXF or XML and to other AEC applications
First Class Service – ISO 9001 certified organization for the development and quality testing as well as training, consultancy and technical support by qualified engineers
Product:Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2013
Size:1.6 GB