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OPTIS SPEOS CAA V5 Based v16.0 for win32_win64

This new version includes Photometric targets created in the sensor allowing for faster simulations enhancing users productivity.

Ergonomics of simulation settings and result analysis are improved thanks to geometry groups and local meshing.
SPEOS CAA V5 Based V16.0 OSD users will enjoy new functionality including Interactive Real-Time Photometric analysis during Optical design.

Freeform elements such as Curved Prisms on Optical Lenses or Light Guides are an amazing way to control light.

We really hope you will enjoy this new version of SPEOS CAA V5 Based !
In addition to the beam shape and source images, Optical Surface can now interactively display an approximated intensity distribution of the selected elements.

Therefore, designers immediately have the understanding of photometric behavior of the surface and thus the ability to adjust the shape parameters to interactively optimize the design.

Punctual source will be supported in a future version.
The free form type of Optical Surface feature has been enhanced to manage target distribution.

Users can now control light with better control with an easy to use interface.

Optical design can be adjusted to closely fit with targets without any light losses
Optical surface with circular grid and radial shift now has the possibility to add automatic sewing.

This operation is done in a couple of seconds instead of several human-days of hand work.

Automatic sewing is a great improvement for your productivity.
New option on Optical Lens feature.

In addition to Prism and Pillow, you can now select Pyramid prisms.

The end-customer will not see inside your transparent product.

Optical Shape Design

These elements are generated automatically in a few seconds compared to previously in several days when manually done.
Product:OPTIS SPEOS CAA V5 Based v16.0 for win32_win64
Size:2.71 GB