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I-DEAS 6.4 for Win32_win64

Description: I-Deas NX – CAD design system, or the upper level. System design organically combine the processes of design and analysis in a single complex.

Its use does not have difficulty with the creation of complex and mathematically precise model of the product, as soon as these systems are the most powerful tools for geometric modeling

The organization of the exchange between the subsystems design (cad), analysis (CAE), and technological training Discontinued (CAM) is practically invisible to the user, as the subsystems operate with a single database, or have internal data formats.

The composition of different types of analysis is limited in comparison with the composition of universal programs and is primarily designed for tasks such as structural analysis, linear static analysis, modal analysis (calculation of natural frequencies of the kinematic parameters of motion), thermal analysis, analysis of the steady state (linear convection, linear stability), etc.

Engineering analysis with the use of the system design is usually made on the basis of the finite element method and finite differences and consists of the following major steps:
• Primary (predprotsessornoy) training;
• calculation results (processing stage);
• processing of the simulation results (postprotsessornoy analysis).

Siemens NX I-deas 6.4
The system I-Deas NX – CAD upper level as well as Unigraphics NX, is an integrated system and includes a computer-aided design CAD, CAM, CAE components.
To meet the challenges of designing using CAD design component of I-Deas NX, which includes the following applications:
• Design – development of three-dimensional models of parts and assemblies of structures;
• Drafting – the formation of the drawings according to the three-dimensional models.
Three-dimensional models of structures developed in the application Design, then used in CAE component of I-Deas NX. CAE component – Simulation application is designed for calculations of strength, udarovibrostoykost, acoustic impact, durability, impact of thermal conditions, carrying out structural optimization, etc.
CAE part of the system I-DEAS NX includes the following components:
• I-Deas NX MasterFEM (Simulation modules of an application with its own solver);
• I-Deas NX c solver NX Nastran – a full-featured package for the preparation, execution, and reporting the results of calculations.
Product:I-DEAS 6.4 for Win32_win64