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DP Technology ESPRIT 2013.R3

The ESPRIT Software Maintenance Contract (SMC) ensures that you always have the latest available CAM technology, in addition to unlimited access to a variety of resources for education and support.

Smart, Efficient Toolpath
New, patent-pending ProfitMilling strategy for 2, 3, 4 and 5-axis roughing cycles allows customers to remove more material in a shorter amount of time. Using advanced technology, the ProfitMilling strategy optimizes engagement angle, chip load, lateral cutter force and machine acceleration to achieve optimal results.

ProfitMilling Advantages

75% cycle-time reduction*
500% increase in tool life*
Decreased programming time
Reduced energy consumption
Significant productivity improvements
Available for 2½, 3, 4, and 5-axis roughing cycles

*Compared to traditional concentric pocketing

Download ProfitMilling PDF
Learn more about High Speed Roughing for 2½-, 3-, 4-, and 5-axis machining at Download white paper, view videos, faq\’s and more.

Cut Grooves Faster and More Efficiently

Cut faster by taking advantages of the latest technology in grooving inserts.

New Engraving

A completely new editable and customizable engraving machining cycle allows the use of “True Type” fonts, single-stroke fonts or features of the part geometry, along with a new V- carving strategy.
Save Time with Collision Detection

New collision-detection strategies have been added to all 3-axis and 5-axis milling operations, which detect collisions while toolpath is being calculated instead of during the simulation process.
New Geometry for Multi-Axis Machining

The machining of engine ports and turbine blades requires precise control of tool motion, and ESPRIT 2013 makes the task easier than ever before with new curves and surfaces to guide the tool.

Quickly and Easily Rough 5-Axis Parts
A new 5-Axis Roughing Cycle has been designed to quickly and easily rough a 5-axis part using the same familiar technology used to rough a 3-axis part, including the new ProfitMilling pattern. The 5-axis roughing cycle automatically adjusts the orientation of any tool shape (end mill, ball mill, bull-nose mill) to keep the tool perpendicular to the underlying surface, thereby eliminating undercuts.

New 5-Axis Port Machining
A new 5-Axis Port Machining Cycle has been dedicated to machining cylindrical apertures and devised to cut as deeply as possible into a port while containing tool swings. This cycle is aided by an automatic recalculation of tool points along a spine curve.

Easier-to-Use Channel Roughing
Improvements have been made to the patent-pending 5-Axis Channel-Roughing Cycle. By directly selecting channel walls without creating complicated features, machining channels between thin blades is faster and easier than ever before. Simply select the walls on either side of the channel, set the incremental depth and go. Another important enhancement is the ability to enter a value to process multi-level incremental cuts.
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