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DesignBuilder v3.2

DesignBuilder v3 introduces some important new features as well as widespread consolidation of existing functionality.

Version 3.2 features:

EnergyPlus v7.2
Detailed HVAC template wizard allows fully connected systems to be loaded to the model
More ASHRAE 90.1 and LEED options including Appendix G constructions and outline baseline HVAC systems
Improved Simple HVAC simulations with options for humidity control, heat recovery and economiser as well as faster autosizing
Change-over Mixed mode now available for all HVAC and Natural ventilation model options
Simulate phase change materials (PCM) in detail
Fanger PMV control
Constant CoP chiller
More flexible heated floors and chilled ceilings
EnergyPlus database of 110 air-cooled chillers added to existing water-cooled chillers – total count of 274 chillers
Latest v28 IGDB glass database and option to import Glass data from WINDOW6 files directly into DesignBuilder Pane dialog
Custom crack templates can be defined for Calculated natural ventilation
Infiltration can be scheduled
Many fixes and improvements, especially in Detailed HVAC
Approved by Scottish Government for EPCs and Section 6 reports but not by DCLG for E&W EPCs and Part-L
Product:DesignBuilder v3.2