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Simcore Processing Modflow v8.0.36

Processing Modflow 8.036

Processing ModflowTM (PMWIN) is a comprehensive integrated groundwater modeling system that is used by many organizations, such as research institutions, consulting firms, agencies, and entities of the United Nations. Processing Modflow 8 succeeds Processing Modflow Pro (7.x) and includes the following components.

Intuitive graphical user interface to greatly simplify and clarify data input and result visualization processes that work with result files of practically unlimited file size (way greater than 2 GB).
3D finite-difference groundwater model MODFLOW. Supports multiple versions, including MODFLOW-96, MODFLOW-2000, MODFLOW-2005, and MODFLOW-NWT.
Solute transport models MT3DMS (v5.3), MT3D, RT3D (v2.5), and MT3D99 (MT3D99 is sold separately by SSP&A.)
Multicomponent reactive transport model PHT3D ( v2.17) that incorporates MT3DMS (v5.3) for the simulation of three-dimensional advective-dispersive multi-component transport and the geochemical model PHREEQC-2 (v2.14) for the quantification of reactive processes.
Variable-density groundwater flow and multi-species solute and heat transport model SEAWAT (v4.0) .
Nonlinear parameter estimation package PEST (v12.0). Supports advanced features such as regularization, truncated singular value decomposition (SVD), and powerful SVD-Assisted Parameter Estimation.
Particle-tracking Model PMPATH which uses a semi-analytical particle-tracking scheme similar to MODPATH to calculate the groundwater paths and travel times. Through the interactive graphical modeling environment of PMPATH, the user can place particles and perform particle tracking with just a few mouse clicks.
Water Budget calculator for computing sub-regional water budget and inter-region water budget.
Field Generator to generate heterogeneously-distributed parameter fields for stochastic simulation.
Field Interpolators to interpolates from point-wise data to model cells by using interpolation methods such as Kirging, Inverse distance, etc.

Data Input Features

Supports models with up to 1,000 stress periods, 200 layers and 1,000,000 cells in each model layer.
Graphical grid design tools.
Specify model parameters using Cell-by-Cell, Polygon, or Polyline tools.
Rotate and align the model grid related to the overlay maps in AutoCAD (.dxf), SURFER BLN, or bitmap image (bmp, jpg) formats.
Imports and refines (telescopes) existing MODFLOW models stored in the MODFLOW-88, MODFLOW-96, MODFLOW-2000, or MODFLOW-2005 formats.
Exports model results to SURFER and ASCII files.
Import/export model parameters from/to SURFER and ASCII files.
Visualize model input parameters.
Interpolates discrete data by means of Inverse Distance Weighting, Kriging, or Triangulation.
Telescopic Mesh Refinement for creating local-scale refined model from a large scale model.
Visualize boundary conditions (rivers, drain, wells, fix-head cells, etc).
Compatible with the upcoming Seer3D application for 3D visualization and animation of model output.

MODFLOW Flow Simulation Files/Packages

Discretization File
Basic package
Block-Centered-Flow Package
Layer-Property-Flow Package
Upstream-Weighting Package (MODFLOW-NWT)
General-Head-Boundary Package
Drain Package
Interbed-Storage Package
Recharge Package
Evaporation Package
River Package
Reservoir Package
Streamflow-Routing Package (STR)
Time-Variant-Specified Head Package
Well Package
Solvers: Strongly Implicit Procedure (SIP) Package, Slice-Successive Overrelaxation (SSOR) Package, Preconditioned Conjugate-Gradient (PCG2) Package, Direct Solver (DE45) Package, Geometric Multigrid Solver (GMG) Package,
Preconditioned Conjudate Gradient Solver with Improved Nonlinear Control (PCGN) Package, and
Newton Solver (NWT) Package.
Output Control Option
Product:Simcore Processing Modflow v8.0.36