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ZEMAX 2013 V13 IE

What\’s New in Zemax 13


Design lighting systems in a fraction of the time with real-time modeling of illumination systems. LightningTrace, a patent-pending technology, is a new paradigm in light system design, at 20-500x faster than conventional luminaire prototyping tools and ray tracing. Built specifically for light fixture design, it works with the Visual Optimizer to let you see illumination patterns change in real time as the system is modified!

CAD Manager

Reads native part and assembly files directly in the Zemax 13 IE environment, eliminating export, import and file translation errors. The ability to dynamically modify files from Creo® Parametric® (Pro/E) is new in Zemax 13 IE, adding to the existing, highly-successful links with SolidWorks and Autodesk® Inventor® 2013. With CAD Manager you can optimize and tolerance parts inside of Zemax to ensure parts meet system specification the first time. Save time by assigning optical and material properties directly to the assembled components and parts. CAD Manager also supports multi-configuration part files for complete treatment of moving or switchable components.

Roadway Lighting Designer

Verify compliance of roadway lighting systems to CIE 140-2000 \”Roadway Lighting\” specification. For roadway lighting systems that do not meet specification, Zemax automatically generates the merit function to optimize luminaire output. The Roadway Lighting Designer provides engineers with powerful tools to analyze and optimize roadway lighting systems.

Light Quality Metrics

Characterize and compare light source performance using industry standard Light Quality Metrics. Zemax 13 IE gives you Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) to help you express your source’s appearance and ability to render colors realistically.

Illumination Wizard

A fast and easy way to optimize luminaire designs to your specifications. Automatically convert any BMP, JPG or PNG file into color and flux merit function targets. Simply add optimization variables and Zemax does the rest.
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