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Maplesoft MapleSim 6.1

Advanced projects require advanced tools for meeting and exceeding system-level requirements. By incorporating the most recent progress in engineering design technology, MapleSim offers a modern approach to physical modeling and simulation.
MapleSim, coupled with Maple, is a completely open environment, meaning that you are never restricted to built-in components or analyses. With its complete programming and analysis environment, you can run simulations, customize analyses or script entirely new ones, perform optimizations, develop advanced symbolic control laws, and investigate models in ways not possible with other tools. You can even create custom components right from their unsimplified governing equations – our solution does all the work to incorporate them into your model.
MapleSim is based on the open-standard Modelica modeling language, so you can leverage the growing collection of industry-tested Modelica components in your own projects. What’s more, with Modelica, models and components are open and object-oriented, making them easy to reuse, customize, share, and extend to suit your exact needs. But MapleSim is more than just Modelica – it’s Modelica “Plus”, consisting of an entire platform for modeling, simulation, and analysis, where Modelica provides the component and model description.
product:Maplesoft MapleSim 6.1