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ESRI CityEngine 2012.1 Advanced

Share Smart 3D City Scenes

CityEngine scenes can be published directly on the web for sharing 3D models, analysis results, or design proposals with decision makers or the public.
Easy-To-Use Editing Tools

Easy-to-use editing tools for the quick sketching and texturing of 3D building models.
Customizable User Interface
Streamlined GUI with pre-defined layout configurations, tabbed windows which can be freely arranged and full drag-and-drop support. Pre-defined navigation schemes allow easy configuration of the mouse navigation mode.
City Wizard
The CityEngine City Wizard is the easiest way to generate a procedural city. Create and generate whole cities from pre-defined templates with only a few mouse clicks.
Facade Wizard
Interactively author building facade rules out of an image or an existing textured model. The resulting facade rules are size-independent and can therefore be applied to other building designs. The rules can be easily extended with more detailed window models, as well as provide summary information for reports.
product:ESRI CityEngine 2012.1 Advanced