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Bentley InRoads Suite V8i

Bentley’s InRoads Suite gives engineers the flexibility to work the way they want with the power they need to complete their infrastructure projects. Running atop Bentley’s flagship product, MicroStation, InRoads Suite provides complete drafting capabilities, powerful mapping tools, and design automation for civil transportation professionals. InRoads Suite features constraint-driven, 3D parametric modeling with an innovative approach to designing civil components in a total-project context.
Integrated Mapping
• Provides data interoperability
• Browse and analyze data
• Map thematically
• Generate reports
Survey/Data Acquisition
• Read/write standard data formats
automatically for:
» Raw survey data from all major
survey equipment
» 2D/3D CAD graphics
» ASCII/text data
» LandXML
» LiDAR data: ASCII and LAS
» USGS Digital Elevation Models
» Photogrammetric data
» Raster Files
» Contour Maps
• Reduce survey data
• Support custom feature coding
• Attach multimedia files such as photo, movie,
and audio to any point or linear feature
• Includes Least Squares adjustments
• Edit survey data graphically and dynamically
• Import and analyze point-cloud data
• Edit survey field book data graphically
• Change instrument setup with automatic updating
• Add, modify, or delete points and linear features
• Change codes and styles
• Upload to data collectors for construction stakeout
• Merge surfaces automatically
• Update surface data dynamically
Terrain Model Creation
• Create terrain model
• Create by graphical filter
• Import ASCII/text data
• Import 3D graphical data
• Import standard data formats automatically
• Import point-cloud data
• Import LandXML files
• Import LiDAR data: ASCII and LAS
• Import USGS Digital Elevation Model data
• Import aerial data
• Import raster files
• Maintain relationships to source data with
complex terrain models
• Ensure intelligent models with terrain model
stored as a DGN element
• Ensure correct entry with undo/redo capabilities
• Use across disciplines via reference files
• Customize and standardize displays via
element templates
Terrain Model Analysis/Editing
• Create intelligent 3D models
• Model intelligent civil features for ditches, curbs,
trees, culverts, etc.
• Pass survey intelligence to 3D model
• Edit context-sensitive intelligent features
• Extend, trim, and intersect features
• Insert, move, and delete vertices
• Delete, partially delete, break, or join features
• Support boundaries, holes, break lines, inferred
break lines, and random points
• Manage large LiDAR datasets
• Exclude non-DTM features from triangulation
DTM Analysis
• Generate contours from data points accounting
for breaks, random points, voids, edges, and
other criteria
• Control maximum length of triangles
• Control density of points on linear features for
optimal surface presentation
• Display cut-and-fill d
Product:Bentley InRoads Suite V8i