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Microsurvey CAD 2013 standalone with intellicad

Upgrade to MicroSurvey CAD 2013

2013 is built on the incredible IntelliCAD 7.2 CAD engine. This engine has many features that our customers can use to streamline the drafting and calculating experience.

To watch a video overview of some of the new features by clicking the image to the right. The video covers:

7.2 IntelliCAD:

Better grips
New snap modes
Entity tracking
Dockable properties pane
Page Setup
Enhanced Printing
Non-rectangular viewports including circles
Display ADT and Civil 3D Objects
Attach Mr. SID
Visual Styles
3D Orbit
Multiline Text enhancements
Find and Replace Text
New Purge command
Improved IntelliCAD Explorer

MicroSurvey Features:

Google Maps Support
Google Earth Support
AutoMAP Substitution Code
AutoMAP Leading Wildcards
Draworder Wizard
Product:Microsurvey CAD 2013 standalone with intellicad
Size:457 MB