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Bentley MXROAD V8i

String-based Modeling for Road and Highway Design, Rehabilitation, and Renewal

Bentley MXROAD Suite combines all of the power of MXROAD (an advanced, string-based modeling tool for new design of all road types) together with PowerSurvey (an all-in-one, standalone survey solution), MXRENEW (a complimentary solution that fits new design onto existing roads for rehabilitation and reconstruction), and MXURBAN (parametric design software for roads in cities and urban areas).

MXROAD Suite includes the ability to quickly create new design alternatives for any type of scheme in order to achieve the ideal road system. Upon selection of the final design alternative, MXROAD Suite automates much of the design detailing process, saving you time and money.
Bentley MXROAD Features
At its core, MXROAD uses 3D string modeling technology—a proven, powerful and concise method of creating any 3D surface. Localized to many country standards MXROAD includes for:

Data Interoperability

Seamless integration between CAD platforms—in both DGN and DWG environments
Ability to import data from almost any source including Land XML
Referencing of CAD files on the fly, including multiple formats or raster images
Available as a stand-alone environment with high quality, fully functional CAD tools built-in
Save as DGN and DWG
Publish to 2D and 3D Adobe PDF format

Alignment Design

Dynamic, advanced tools for interactive alignment creation
Variety of transition types to most international standards
Comprehensive geometric reporting, including on-the-fly volumetrics to allow optimization of cut and fill percentages
Ability to snap to existing terrain features with clearance checking
Parallel Alignment creation
Creation of alignments directly from CAD elements

Road Design

Library of standard road styles to many standards
Ability to widen roads using linear or reverse curves, controlling gradients throughout
Built-in rules for fast and efficient application of superelevation
Junction and roundabout design in 3D with the ability to dynamically re-grade kerb returns
Storage of different road styles and modeling of pavement construction

Interactive Design Editing

3D design data editing via cross sections at individual or over a range of chainages / stations
Ability to edit section elements by slope or push out points, updating cross section and plan views simultaneously
Rapid design through the ability to restrict design to pre-defined boundaries (for example: right-of-way limits)

Quantities and Reports

Quantities Manager providing automatic extraction of quantities for estimating
Dynamic Reports provide access to a wide range of reporting options from an expanding toolbar
User-definable horizontal and vertical alignment geometry reports
Ability to create reports from Volumetric Analysis tool for calculating cut and fill areas and volumes

Earthworks Design

Ability to design any engineering earthworks strategy applicable to any geological condition and to any standard
Intuitive, easy to use graphical user interface allowing you to drag and drop styles to define complex, custom cut/fill strategies
Storage of strategies in a library of simple, multiple and combination slopes, including a thumbnail preview for easy review

Google Earth Integration

Publish MX models to KML or KMZ files
Share, open and view data in Google Earth
Publish Saved Views from MX to the Google Earth environment
Add 2D drawings and other high resolution overlays
Augment imagery with Digital Terrain Mapping (DTM)

Integration with Bentley Content Management and Publishing Solutions

Tight integration with Bentley content management and publishing solutions to bring collaborative design data to the entire project team in a secure environment
Integration of Digital Interplot at the production end, enabling automated plot set generation and Web-based access to plot archives
Product:Bentley MXROAD V8i