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DataMine Studio v3.21

Datamine.Studio.V3.20.5321.0 is a new multi-view version of Studio that allows mining professionals to view geological, geotechnical and mining engineering data in an environment that is most applicable for the current task.

Studio 3 is a new version of Datamine’s flagship geological modeling and mine planning product. Studio 3 provides multiple views on a wide range of data providing the most suitable environment in which to perform tasks within the mine planning cycle. The possible views and the type of data handled allow strategic and operational mine designs to be more easily communicated.

Studio 3 deals with its data in the form of objects. Unlike Studio Version 2, when a file is opened in Studio 3, such as a string file, the data in that file remains separate to the other loaded data and can be formatted, filtered and selected independently of other loaded data.This is identical to how data is treated in Downhole Explorer. Data objects can be merged and split on attribute fields or by using a filter expression to either combine or create new objects

Studio 3 Version 3.20
New Features and Enhancements for this Release
The table below summarizes the new and improved features for this release of Studio 3. More information for the features listed below can be found by clicking the links within the text. More detailed information can be found in the release notes here.

For a list of new features and enhancements associated with previous versions of the software, please click here.

Studio 3 Version 3.20 New Features
NEW Design in VR

Immersive 3D Engineering!

Designing in VR – a large subset of the design commands, previously only available in the Design window, are now also available in the VR window. The menu structure, quick keys and interaction procedures are the same across both windows. Designing in the VR window has certain advantages and makes use of the faster navigation and the 3D visualisation features. Multiple sections (working planes) and viewpoints can be defined and used during the design process to control the placement of digitized data. More…

Data digitized in the VR window can be viewed either in the Design window or using one of the VR window split panes – you can have up to four linked VR views simultaneously! More…

Usability Improvements

Attributes Palette – the improved Attributes Palette allows the setting of any data attribute i.e. custom fields or standard formatting fields e.g. color, before or during digitising while a change in an attribute value automatically starts a new string while digitizing. More…

Selection and Snapping – The following changes have been introduced:

Speed improvements for selection and snapping.

Separate snapping and selection controls for each object. More… and More…

Selection bounding box direction determines inclusion of overlapping data. More…

Repeated selection can resolve ambiguity with overlapping items.

New snap-to-surface snapping option command.

Extended 3D data selection options are available in Design and VR windows. More…

Recent Commands – recently used commands are now available via the context menu, where the last 5 commands are listed. In addition the full recent command history is also accessed from the same list. “Enter” key repeats previous command. More…

Navigation – mouse wheel zoom is now centred around the cursor position.

Improved data access

Drag and Drop – the drag-and-drop of non-Datamine file formats into the Studio 3 windows is now supported. More…

Data Drivers – the following new data drivers are available:



Vector (OGR) ( 25 formats, including Arc/Info, Atlas BNA, PCI Geomatics etc.)

Raster/Grid (GDAL) (over 80 formats, including Arc/Info, ESRI, Vertical Mapper etc.).

Please see the Help folder Using Studio 3 | Importing and Managing Data | Data Source Drivers for more information on the current set of data drivers.

Improvements in Charting
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