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Bentley AXSYS Engine V8i _08.11.11.22

Bentley AXSYS®.Engine V8i is a lifecycle database platform that fully integrates 2D schematics with a configurable data management environment for the definition and delivery of your own lifecycle solutions. By consolidating both graphic and non-graphic information into one central database, AXSYS®.Engine provides for accurate and consistent data across all disciplines and design documents. AXSYS®.Engine is the base environment used for the development of AXSYS®.Process and AXSYS®.Integrity and provides a common set of tools and facilities to both of these vertical applications.

AXSYS®.Engine uses optimized, object-oriented technology to consolidate engineering schematic documents and project information into an integrated database environment.
Product:Bentley AXSYS Engine V8i _08.11.11.22
Size:360 MB