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Oasis Montaj v7.51

Oasis montaj is ideally suited for today\’s multidisciplinary and collaborative exploration. Access all your data and a powerful set of mapping and analysis tools, within one dynamic, 3D exploration environment. Process, map, QA and interpret your ground and airborne survey geophysics, geochemistry and geology.

Fully-Integrated Exploration Platform

A leading exploration technology solution, Oasis montaj provides a scalable environment for efficiently importing, viewing, modelling, analysing and sharing large volume geophysical, geochemical and geological data, all within one integrated environment. This powerful mapping and processing software is designed to support and streamline your daily problem solving needs, with a rich set of easy to use features that meet and exceed rising global standards. Oasis montaj provides a complete data experience, including data access, processing, interpretation, and decision making.

Proven Return on Investment

A proven industry standard technology, Oasis montaj achieves long-term savings in both time and money. Integrated productivity tools maximise your ability to make strategic use of large volumes of geoscience data within today\’s compressed project time lines.

Access all available data for a complete investigation and informed decision making.
Collect and view data for quick site assessment in the field, or use Oasis montaj for in depth processing and analysis.
Create sophisticated visualisations to guide subsurface exploration.
Construct professional-quality maps of complex 3D earth models for sharing your information with colleagues and investors.
Produce Professional Maps click to enlarge Easily create maps to share, integrate data and use in presentations to management and investors.
Subsurface 3D Visualisation click to enlarge The full integration of 3D capabilities simplifies viewing, manipulation and analysis of all your data including: geology, geochemistry, and geophysics data.
High-Performance Database click to enlarge Efficient storage for very large geoscientific datasets ensuring access and usability throughout the project lifecycle.
Dynamic Data Linking click to enlarge Click on a point on a map and immediately see the exact data point within the the database, profile, graph or data view.
Fast Data Processing click to enlarge Rapidly assess and experiment with data in real-time running numerous filters and processes on data with ease.
Advanced Gridding click to enlarge Gridding algorithms with Oasis montaj are fast, efficient and optimised for large-volume geoscientific data. Interpolate data to produce grids, using minimum curvature, bi-directional, trended, gradient, tinning or kriging gridding routines.
Complete Esri Integration click to enlarge Esri technology is built in to ensure the seamless creation, viewing and sharing of ArcGIS MXD and Geosoft Map files between Geosoft and ArcGIS users. View the Esri Integration Video.
Built-In Search Technology click to enlarge Find, display and extract geospatial data from a variety of data servers for complete investigation and informed decision making. View the Geosoft Seeker Video.
Spatial Data Cataloguing Geosoft Desktop Cataloger builds a catalogue of all spatial data files from local drives allowing you to easily find the data from within Geosoft environment. View the Desktop Cataloger Video.
Seamless Interoperability Import and work with more than 50 supported data types and formats including CAD, GIS, mine planning and modelling formats.
Unicode Multi-language Support Display foreign-language character sets within your application environments and print to maps.
montaj Extensions click to enlarge Over 20 extensions are available for advanced geophysics and geochemistry data processing, analysis and quality control, 3D drillhole plotting, filtering, levelling, interpretation and modelling.
Data Sharing click to enlarge Plug-ins and data conversion options provide superior connectivity between Oasis montaj mapping and GIS or specialized modelling applications. See free software downloads available for Oasis montaj.
Product:Oasis Montaj v7.51