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Tecplot RS 2012 Features
New version adds interactive grid comparisons, faster loaders with more options, and more line style sets. New features include:

Grid Solutions Comparison Feature. A new capability for 2D and 3D grid plots lets you interactively compare up to four different grid solutions in a side-by-side view. The solutions are synchronized in time and space to allow simultaneous animations. The grids are not required to be identical, and the solutions may come from different reservoir simulators. A \”Delta\” option lets you display the difference between the reference solution and the comparison solutions.

Faster Loading of CMG Data. Enhancements to the data loaders for CMG simulator output files have resulted in significant speed-ups.

New CMG Loader Option for Derived Variables. A new option is available for the CMG data loader to provide derived variables including ratios such as Gas-Oil Ratio.

More line style sets. Users can now modify and save up to 100 unique style sets for use when comparing numerous simulation runs.

Reservoir engineers typically make dozens, if not hundreds, of reservoir simulation runs where model properties or operating conditions are changed. Confidence in these models can be improved by running the same model with different reservoir simulators. Directly comparing different simulation runs lets engineers make better decisions because they better understand the influences on the dynamics of reservoir fluids.