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AutoPIPE is the choice of leading EPCs worldwide. The most comprehensive piping analysis software for 20 years in small to high-end piping projects worldwide for the power, oil and gas, petrochemical, offshore, and nuclear markets. Faster engineered piping systems backed by nuclear Quality Assurance to ISO 9001.
AutoPIPE provides a comprehensive and advanced software tool specialized in pipe stress analysis. The intuitive modeling environment and the advanced analysis features provide for increased productivity and improved quality control. Fluent data collaboration can be obtained through the integration with structural and 3D models providing an environment for increased business growth.

AutoPIPE provides comprehensive design including advanced analysis features such as integrated through wall thermal gradient, fluid transient, thermal bowing or stratification, seismic response spectra enveloping, and steam relief analyses for process, power, oil and gas, nuclear, underground, offshore FPSO platform, and subsea pipeline areas. Nuclear certification is included, allowing users to design nuclear structures. Certification provided: 10CFR Part 50, 10CFR 21, and ASME NQA-1-2000.

AutoPIPE was developed as a scalable offering to meet the needs of companies working in industries like nuclear and fossil power, process, and chemical plants, offshore FPSO platform and riser design, fire protection systems, oil refineries, cross-country gas and oil pipelines, FRP piping, and building services piping. AutoPIPE now incorporates ASME, British, European, German, Japanese, Chinese, API, NEMA, ANSI, ASCE, AISC, UBC, and WRC guidelines and design limits.
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