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Materialise Magics RP v16.0

Magics16 is out now!

The Windows® 7-compatible Magics16 directly increases your productivity by optimizing core procedures for a wide variety of additive manufacturing applications. Get ready to be awesome at additive manufacturing! Speed up data conditioning, ease work preparation, increase support generation reliability and raise your laser sintering productivity. Come to training and learn how to incorporate these new enhancements in your workflow.

Maximize Your Software Value with Training!

You can import almost all CAD formats, including Google Sketch-Up 7.0. In addition, you can now reduce file repair times by cutting parts before healing them, and you can detect thin or thick wall sections with a single click.

We\’ve added the \’connector pins\’ option to section cuts along with the capability to add clearance to ALL cuts. There’s also a clearance function in all our Boolean subtraction operations. This includes Booleans and the Perforator. There’s also new advanced manual fixing tools that save loads of time. You can even view slices in real time with the new release.

In addition, you can learn how to quickly and easily generate documents right out of Magics for a professional report. Maybe you need a little help in processing STL files for an optimum build? I\’ll help you learn and understand all about fixing those troublesome files, extruding triangles and then using Boolean\’s to make an airtight STL.

Or, you could learn some advanced features and fixing techniques (i.e. patching) to help you increase your productivity. Whatever your reason, we can help you get the most out of your seat of Magics.
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