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PCI Geomatica 2012 SP1

Geomatica 2012 delivers intelligent automatic mosaicking that includes automatic detection and removal of image brightness variations, radiometric color balancing between images, and automatic cutline determination to minimize visibility of seams in the mosaic.

The streamlined Manual Mosaicking workflow allows users to manually visualize their mosaic prior to actually running the process.
PCI Modeler provides an interactive methodology for the development of both simple and complex workflows.

PCI Modeler provides access to a number of standard operations such as data import and export, as well as most EASI/PACE processing programs.

The batching capabilities of PCI Modeler enables import files, export files, and parameter variations through multiple runs of a model making modeler a much more powerful visual scripting environment.
Geomatica 2012 also adds SAR Coherent Change Detection giving users the ability to detect changes using remote sensing.

SAR is a particularly attractive tool for this application, because of its ability to collect fine resolution imagery in all illumination and weather conditions.
product:PCI Geomatica 2012 SP1