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CSC Fastrak

astrak Building Designer – Steel building design software
Join thousands of engineers worldwide and benefit from Fastrak

Design any simple or complex steel building with speed and ease
Work with real physical objects such as beams, columns and slabs
Choose from British Standards (BS), Eurocodes (EC) or US design codes
Save time with features such as automated wind loading, composite design and web openings
Quickly assess design alternatives to establish the most cost-effective solution
Produce clear and concise documentation including drawings and calculations
Handle project changes easily and efficiently
Synchronise with leading BIM platforms such as Autodesk® Revit® Structure
Integrate with Fastrak Connection Design and Fastrak Portal Frame modules

What’s New in FASTRAK Release October 2010

EC3 design check for column splice.
EC3 design checks for web openings added to Simple and Composite Beam. This feature available in the NovemberDecember 1010 update – now can be downloaded from CSC site.
The following have also been added via the update service since the last release
EC3 design checks for Simple Connections.
EC3 design checks for Simple Column Bases.
EC3 design checks for Rolled General Beams.
EC3 design checks for Truss members.
EC3 design checks for Plated General Beams.

Space Truss Wizard
Truss Wizard
Connection Resistance Check
Wind Drift Report
South African Steel Sections
and many other changes and corrections.
Product:CSC Fastrak