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Leica Cyclone v7.3.1

eica Geosystems’ Cyclone v. 7.3.2 fully supports the ASTM E57 standard for 3-D imaging data exchange, which includes 3-D laser scanning systems. This capability facilitates direct import and export of laser scan “as-built” data and related digital imagery from different types of laser scanning systems into and between different types of point-cloud processing software. This general type of laser scan and image data exchange process using vendor-specific or other neutral formats can sometimes be problematic.
Leica Cyclone supports industry standard-based exchange (i.e., import and export) of both point-cloud and image data. The image data consist of what is referred to within Cyclone as the “multi-image,” which is one or more digital images (taken by external cameras or a scanner’s internal camera) at or near the same observation point as the scan data. Image-to-scan alignment information is included. Therefore, Cyclone can now write (export) point-cloud and associated image data to the E57 exchange format files for use by other E57-compliant software applications. In addition, Cyclone can read (import) point-cloud and associated image data from properly formatted E57 exchange files.

Direct support of ASTM E57 data exchange formats in Leica Cyclone software also enables support of this format in all Leica CloudWorx CADD and VR point-cloud plug-in applications, including AutoCAD, MicroStation, SmartPlant 3D, SmartPlant Review, PDMS, 3D Studio Max, 3D Studio Max Design, Maya, and the newly announced Revit.

Leica Cyclone is among the first commercially available software products to make support of this industry standard data-exchange format available in a production release. Since Leica Geosystems laser scanners, Cyclone software, and CloudWorx software are the most popular laser scanners and point cloud software tools in the market, this announcement promises to facilitate data exchange based on an industry standard format for a large portion of the laser-scanning user community.
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