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Graitec Advance Steel 2011 SP1

Advance Steel 2011 is fully part of the BIM and easy-to-use GRAITEC Advance 2011
suite, and it dramatically increases general detailing and fabrication productivity
in the shortest time. It is the most comprehensive and effi cient structural steel
detailing software available today.
New features in Advance Steel 2011:
GRAITEC Advance Manager for easier customization of settings and libraries •
New project explorer to speed up modeling and divide projects into logical sections •
Many new automatic connections •
Various types of available anchors with real and exact representation •
Quick documents for faster document creation •
Smart user dimensions •
Automatic revision with the display of revision clouds •

Perfectly embedded in AutoCAD, Advance Steel is a modelling package that accelerates the creation of general arrangement drawings, fabrication drawings, lists of materials and NC files: using a complete library of structural elements, parametric and customisable connections, wizards for miscellaneous steel (stairs, railings, etc), materials library.

From the model Advance Steel can create all fabrication drawings and offers a large selection of tools for automated detail creation, dimensions, annotations, symbols and drag and drop printing layouts.
Product:Graitec Advance Steel 2011 SP1
Size:4.13 GB