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Intergraph Caesar v5.3

This DVD contains CAESAR II 2011 (Version 5.30). Upon inserting this DVD
and closing the DVD Tray, the \”auto-run\” should start and begin
the installation process.

If the \”auto-run\” does not start (usually because this ability has
been turned off in the System Registry), navigate to the
\”CAESAR II 5.30\” directory on the DVD and double click \”setup.exe\”.


System Requirements

CAESAR II requires Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, or
Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate, Business, or Enterprise):
– with a minimum graphics card capability resolution
of 1024×768. However, for the most efficient usage, the following
specification is recommended:

– 2+ Ghz processor
– 1+ Gbytes of RAM
– 1280×1024 graphics resolution
– 256+ Mbytes of video RAM

Note that \”Home Editions\” of Windows are not supported.


The options on the DVD Installation Menu\” are:

1) Install CAESAR II: Use this option to install CAESAR II.
Follow the prompts and select any desired options.

2) Install ESL Drivers: Under \”Additional Installs, use this option to
install the drives for the External Software Lock. This installation
can install either the local workstation drivers or the network
License Manager.

3) Install Autodesk TrueView: Under \”Additional Installs, use this option
to install a stand-alone DWG viewer.

CAESAR II can access either a local ESL (External Software Lock), or
a network ESL residing on a remote server. For local ESLs, install
CAESAR II, then attach the USB key (ESL).
product:Intergraph Caesar v5.3
Size:1.79 GB