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Graitec Advance Steel 2010 SP4

Installed in Windows 7 64bit using Autocad 2011 but the process must be almost the same for 32bit systems or another Autocad version.
Read the LAVteam.nfo even if I detailed more in this tutorial. If you don’t succeed don’t ask more questions because I can’t see what I can add for more help. Try to understand every step and be sure, if the program doesn’t works is only because you missed something.
1. Install FlexLM Server. Go to ToolsLicense Server (in your install folder) and run Setup.exe.
2. Correct the graitec2010.dat and replace “this_host” with your host name in the first row of the license file. For your host name use the computer name (look in Control Panel/System).
3. Copy from patchx64 (or x86)Flexnet_Server (2 files) to C:Program Files (x86)GraitecLicense ServerBin.
4. Look in your menu (Start/All Programs) and select Graitec/License Server/LMTools. Run it.
Now you can check one more time in System Settings your host name.

Go to Config Services and select Path to license file. You can point (use browse) to your modified license file or better to copy it in the path you see in second row (C:Program Files (x86)GraitecLicense ServerLicense File and only after select it as license instead of the default grtlic.dat. When you search change in the bottom row License Files (*.lic) with License Files (*.dat) and select your license.

5. Install Advance Steel (use welcome.exe).
6. Install SP4.
7. Replace files in C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesGraitec with the 3 files from Patchx64 (or x86)Common Files.
8. Go to C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesGraitec and run LicenseUtility9x86.exe.
Select via server and enter your host name as the sever name and 7621 as a port.
Product:Graitec Advance Steel 2010 SP4