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Paradigm Epos v4.0

The Epos® data integration and data management system provides energy companies with an open and scalable solution for collecting, managing, securing, and using E&P data from a diverse set of data sources. Based on a next generation client-server architecture, the Epos system’s scalable design allows it to be deployed with optimum flexibility:

* from laptop to high performance computing clusters
* from small local operations to global enterprises
* from local to regional prospecting

Manage your distributed E&P data

The Epos system offers a distributed, relational, and hierarchical database to enable quick and reliable access to E&P data for collaborative work on large multi-user projects. Epos stores and manages data with a number of light-relational database repositories (SQLite) that are configurable and optimized for each data type to support fast transactions between applications.The system is equipped with a comprehensive set of data management tools targeted for IT managers, project administrators, and end users. Geoscientists will enjoy Epos’ open architecture design which facilitates assembly of asset data from popular data repositories.
Extend the reach of your geoscientists

Epos supports the collaborative efforts of exploration and development personnel by providing seamless distribution of interdisciplinary data between geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists, reservoir modelers, reservoir engineers, and drilling engineers. This multi-disciplinary approach streamlines the transformation of field data into high-quality interpretations, earth models, geologic targets, and well plans.
Improved personal productivity

Epos delivers application and data access consistency across a broad portfolio of disciplines, minimizing data assembly and preparation time. New Epos data services for interpretation, well log, vertical function, and project/survey data facilitate and stabilize the many data transactions that can take place when working with a distributed data model and provide high levels of flexibility when working with data at the project level.
product:Paradigm Epos v4.0