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Leica Cyclone v7.10.1721

The inherent completeness of 3D point clouds represents one of their major advantages over other sources of geometric information. Cyclone’s unique Object Database Client/Server software architecture provides the highest performance environment for laser scanning projects. Cyclone software makes it easy for users to manage data efficiently in databases. Users can work concurrently on databases, thereby reducing the need to copy and/or transmit large point cloud project files.
Cyclone-SCAN is the software interface for operating the Leica ScanStation, HDS6100, and HDS3000. User-specified scan area and density, data filtering, scan scripting, and automatic recognition and extraction of both planar and spherical Leica Geosystems HDS targets – all contribute to this easy-to-use, intelligent data capture application.
product:Leica Cyclone v7.10.1721
Size:198 MB