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Oasys Xdisp v19.209

· Settlement is calculated using a profile of Young\’s modulus with depth. The modulus can be
constant or vary linearly with depth for each soil layer. Non-linear stress/strain curves may
also be specified.
· Displacements and stresses can be calculated at several levels and at any location in plan.
The location of the displacement/stress points is defined by means of displacement grids.
These may be two-dimensional orthogonal grids, lines or points. The results from the grids
can be displayed graphically as contours .
· Loaded areas can be defined as rectangles or circles. Pressures are applied uniformly.
Areas can be superimposed and placed at any level. All loads are completely flexible i.e. no
allowance is made for stiffness of the structures.
· The base of the model is defined by the specification of an equivalent rigid boundary.
· The ground is modelled using a series of vertical soil profiles each consisting of a number of
horizontal soil layers. The plan distribution of the soil profiles is specified in rectangular areas
known as soil zones. These can be superimposed allowing the development of complicated
ground models.
product:Oasys Xdisp v19.209
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