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Oasys Pdisp v19.102

General Program Description

Pdisp Pressure Induced Displacement Analysis

Pdisp calculates the displacements (and stresses if required) within a linear elastic or non-linear
soil mass, arising from uniform normal or tangential pressure, applied to rectangular and circular
loaded planes.

The program is ideal for predicting the displacements that may arise due to the action of several
loads in a soil mass.

Pdisp is a development of (and replacement for) Vdisp. Vdisp predicted displacements induced
by vertical loads on horizontal loaded areas only. Pdisp is capable of predicting displacements due
to both vertical and horizontal loads.

Components of the User Interface

The principal components of Pdisp\’s user interface are the Gateway, Table Views, Graphical Input,
Plan View, Cross Sectional View, 3D Graphical Output, Tabular Output, toolbars, menus and input
dialogs. Some of these are illustrated below.
This dialog can be accessed by clicking Tools | Preferences. Preferences can be set whether a file
is opened or not.

The Preferences dialog is accessible by choosing Tools | Preferences from the program\’s menu. It
allows user to modify settings such as numeric format for output, show welcome screen, option for
new model wizard, print parameters and company information. These choices are stored in the
computer\’s registry and are therefore associated with the program rather than the data file. All
data files will adopt the same choices.
product:Oasys Pdisp v19.102
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