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Kappa Ecrin V4.11.02

t integrates a new module for Well Performance Analysis; Amethyste and sees the fundamental re-write of the Production Analysis module Topaze.
Technically, major new developments have been made that constitute a real breakthrough in the path to integrate the analysis of dynamic data into the next generation of field management or ‘Intelligent Fields’ as they are known. This includes, for the first time, a reliable way to automatically identify shut-ins from PDG data, whether they are hard or soft. The demand for new tools for unconventional gas (shale gas, CBM) has been addressed by integrating desorption in the numerical models. For shale gas a numerical fractured horizontal well has been added. In the drive towards connectivity an ‘intelligent’ link between Diamant Master and an industry standard field model is included in this release.
Looking forward, the work has started in earnest on the restructuring some of the calculation modules to prepare the drastic move to generation 5 and development is underway in Rubis on a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) prototype to model the injection and migration of CO2 in deep saline formations in the prospect of some pilot projects post Kyoto.
Product:Kappa Ecrin V4.11.02
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