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Slope v19.02 (c) Oasys

Slope performs two-dimensional slope stability analysis to study circular or non-circular slip surfaces. The program uses the method of slices and offers a variety of established methods for calculating interslice forces. These methods include Fellenius or Swedish slip circle analysis, the Bishop horizontal or constant inclined inter-slice forces method, and for non-circular slip surfaces the equivalent Janbu methods are available. Also available is a variably inclined interslice force method which ensures that each slice is in equilibrium both vertically and horizontally.
Program features include:

* analysis of reinforcing elements – soil nails, rock bolts, ground anchors and geotextiles – to BS8007/BS8081
* a variety of means of specifying water pressure including hydrostatic below a phreatic surface, piezometric or Ru values
* a variety of methods of specifying material shear strength including drained or undrained parameters which may vary with depth
* a range of circle centres with variable radius or with all circles passing through a fixed point, or tangent to a surface; there is an option to extend the grid if required to find the minimum factor of safety
* surface loads may be specified together with horizontal ground acceleration
* full graphical output.
product:Slope v19.02 (c) Oasys
Size:42 MB