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Sofistik v23

Sofistik – integrated software for modeling, finite element analysis, structural optimization and design in the environment of AutoCAD. This software is designed primarily for highly skilled engineers, estimator designs and can be used to create templates solve complex computational and research tasks for different types of structures.

Company SOFISTIK – NAFEMS member and member of the Association Developer Autodesk (ADN) – focuses on the development of professional intelligence solutions for the calculation and design of complex structures.
For the design of buildings SOFiSTiK offers a variety of software systems analysis of different types of structures the finite element method for static and dynamic loads and combinations based on the basic FEA solver company SOFiSTiK ASE.

Software packages are adapted for special tasks:
-Engineering and design of bridges
-Calculation of underground structures and geotechnics, analysis of half-space with regard to the physical nonlinearity
-Calculation of long-span shell

Packages SOFiSTiK managed complex SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD). SSD gives users a task-oriented way of working, offering different procedure or a task from the library.

For the design of tunnels: the module WinTUBE – 3D CAD preprocessor, the formation of 3D-models by extruding 2D surfaces from any model generator for 3D unstructured meshes with tetrahedral elements, alignment tyubingovoy lining, the stage of excavation, loading history, material / soil model, nonlinear model concrete, non-linear springs, the analysis of leakage, the interaction of structures and soil.

Steel Structures: Modules SOFiSTiK ASE, STAR and DYNA offer powerful tools for analysis and design of complex spatial steel constructions. In addition to the linear analysis of these programs allow you to use a nonlinear material models of steel structures. Applied theory of elastic-plastic zones based on the interaction of all internal forces and moments.

Bridge engineering: complex technology analysis and design of bridge structures, prestressed concrete and steel composite bridges, all of the constructive system, including boxed farm, T-beams, arched bridges, Suspension bridges, simulation of assembly methods, including the passage of the span, balanced console etc.

Dynamics. DYNA – standalone tool for linear dynamics and seismic analysis and design. ASE (modules 1 and 2) offers a method of stepwise integration over time and determine the eigenvalues fluctuations.

Hydrodynamics (CFD) – a program for the analysis of complex physical phenomena, including the modeling of aerodynamic effects of wind on tall buildings and bridges.
Product:Sofistik v23
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