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Gedco Vista 10

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Interactive Model Building Window
Build 2D models in either time or depth with the new Model
Building Window using pre-stack or post-stack input data. Display
propagated wave fronts on the model along with the pre-stack
migrated data as a transparency overlay.
Interactive Seismic Window
A new difference icon has been added to the seismic compare
window toolbar.
Project Data List Window
Add SEG-D files directly to the project using the new SEG-D data
input icon. A new SEG-D input dialog has been added to allow
the user to select a mapping dictionary for the various SEG-D
A new ‘WELLS’ tab has been added to the Project Data List which
allows the users to work with well log files directly in the VISTA
project tree.
Ability to sort columns in Decending/Ascending order has been
added when the user right clicks on the column titles.
Variable Record Stacking Option
The flow commands Vertical Shot Stack and Vertical Sort Stack
have been modified to include variable record stacking. This
option allows the user to select the header word to stack from. A
new Diversity Stack option has also been added to these
Batch Flow Window
Two tabs have been added to the batch flow window to
automatically sort job flows by status. Jobs which are Executed
and Queued are now displayed on separate tabs.
Graph Seismic Trace Window
The graph seismic trace window now display a user defined Max.
Amp on the top axis of the graph.
Header View/Edit Window
A new toolbar icon has been added to sort the spread-sheet by a
selected column.
Elevation/Refraction Statics Window
A new 2D and 3D Inline/Xline window has been added for
displaying statics and model cross-section views.
The option for selecting ‘Shots in Weathering Layer’ has been
removed and is now automatically calculated for each shot.
Interactive SEG-Y/SEG-D File Browser Utility
A new SEG-Y/SEG-D disk file browser window has been added to
the VISTA Utilities menu.
All header information is also displayed along with user defined
dictionary headers.
Interactive Flow Window
Added the ability to zoom in/out and print the current flow
window. A new flow note group delete icon has been added to
the toolbar.
Interactive Image Picker (PSTM)
Added the option for more 3D display lines to include
Next/Previous Inline and Xline. Hotkey functionality has been
added to the seismic display.
Velocity Graph Display
Added dashed lines to the velocity graph display to annotate the
interpolated velocity picks.
First Break Picking
Added the option to save first break picks using a GLI formatted
text file.
New 2D Geometry SPS Import Dialog
The SPS import dialog has been improved in the 2D geometry
window to be more flexible and load more items from the SPS
Header Trace Info Viewer
A new sorting sub-group icon has been added to the info v
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